I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary job.

My job is to tell stories through photography and painting. Some stories are set in reality – stories of friendship, the joy of marriage, a baby’s first taste of life, a couple’s enduring love. Others are created from dreams – dreams of nostalgia, sensuality, secret fantasies, and imaginary worlds.

What truly inspires me, however, are the people behind these stories. Real people – from stunning beauties to the common passers-by, from wealthy businessmen to the odd-job worker, from newly-weds to wrinkled old couples, from newborns tasting life, to the terminally ill.



Real people, like you and I.

It doesn’t matter if we’re pretty or ugly, rich or poor, famous or misunderstood. Beneath what everyone sees on the outside, there is something within us that is human and real. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone has a story to tell.

This is the inspiration behind my work. I am humbled by the people who share a part of themselves with me.


Kelvin Lim is an artist and a portraiture photographer based in Singapore.

His work reflects a strong belief that art is not a product of some god-given talent, but a deeply emotional result of being intensely human.

Kelvin dedicates his waking hours to expressing life, and discovering the beauty in people. Despite technological advancements promoting mass, faceless transactions, Kelvin maintains a thriving portraiture business built on human warmth and interaction.

In 2011, Kelvin led a month-long charity drive to help victims of the horrific Japanese tsunami. He raised more than SGD25,000 by donating his entire revenue to the Japanese Red Cross.

The following year, Kelvin’s studio celebrated 10 years of humanity, goodwill and freedom. He continues to resist heavily-commercialized trends, and commits to pledge a significant part of his life-long earnings to the poor.