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I have never felt so beautiful!!
You could look at the photos over and over again and it always gives you this ‘on top of the world’ feeling.

– Shamila 

Never at ease in front of any photographer, but with you, every shot felt so natural.

– Karen Tan

For many years, I did not feel good about myself… but you brought out the best in me, both in my figure, expressions and emotions.

– Susan

The most beautiful birthday gift… you presented a different me that I didn’t know existed!

– Lynn



a photography session in the studio
professional makeup and hairstyling
a female personal assistant
10 edited portraits in digital format


Sessions usually take about 3 hours (sometimes longer).  We don’t charge by time.
Bring your own outfits, or use our soft, sensual drapes.  You can decide how much nudity you’re comfortable with.
Your female assistant will stay by your side through the entire session. You are welcome to bring anyone else along.
We will never publish your portraits without your formal consent.


16 years of very happy clients.  A lifetime’s worth of friendship and trust.

It’s been 10 years.  I can’t imagine being photographed by anyone else.

– Doreen Yeo

More than the gorgeous photos telling my story, what I’m really happy about is the trustworthy friendship we have, long after the session is over.

– June Ang

An experience that will last a lifetime!

– Sze-Hui & Stephen



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