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Hope & Courage

One fine day in August, 18 gorgeous women walked into my studio.

They’re not exactly young – most are above 50.  But they’re the most beautiful.

They are also the craziest.

No one ever made so much noise in my studio.  No one ever laughed so much, and so loud.

They brightened my place.  They made me laugh, and cry.

They brought life.

So much life, I couldn’t believe they were victims of breast cancer.

They survived, but cancer will always be part of them.  No one knows when, or if, it will return.

Yet, instead of waiting for death, they embrace life.

Instead of burdening others, they found courage to support the ones they love.

Every day is a gift.  A chance to embrace your children, your family.  A chance to feel the sun on your face.

A new day.

It’s so easy to say, “live our lives to the fullest!”  But until we face death, we may never appreciate the life given to us.

I’ve been privileged to photograph these 18 beautiful, courageous women.  I hope you can meet them.

8 – 10 Nov 2015

Element Art Space (Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, #02-13)

In support of Breast Cancer Foundation

Styling by The Makeup Room

Gowns by Silverlining Bridal Couture


Something I learnt about photographing people:

You can’t force the moment.

You can’t force a pose.

You can’t tell them to smile, and expect them to smile naturally.

All you can do is create a comfortable environment,  speak from the heart,  and let the moment come to you.

Then, sometimes, magic happens.

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